is a innovative computing platform where students all over the world can learn how to program and

transform their ideas into apps, games, websites etc.

Also, a one-stop teaching solution for international schools, including everything you need to teach programming for K12:

common-core-based projects, lesson plans, teacher guides, answer keys and teaching management system.

  • U.S. Common Core Adopted

    28+ U.S. Schools,

    2000+ Students,

    30000+ Projects Completed.

  • Game-like Learning

    Made for great interests.

    From player to creator.

    Develop their own game.

  • Project-based courses

    Kids get hands-on with

    step-by-step instructions

    and teammates.

  • One-stop solution for schools

    Ready-to-use lesson plans and STEM

    Project built for teachers.

    No experience required.

  • I love how this is educational, but seems fun! All our kids are fully engaged
    and immersed in the challenging projects while playing.

    Cheers to CodingMonkey!

    A officer from maybe Yale or media lab.
  • CodingMonkey is 100% U.S. common core standard,
    our students could catch up with CS courses seamlessly
    when they make it to the United States.

    A principal of an international school.
  • Brilliant. The teaching tools help a lot.
    I’ve been using CodingMonkey with grades 4-6.
    Kids can code now and I can too!

    A female teacher in a training institution.
--Chris Aviles,Fairhaven Schools,New Jersey